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- Domestic Wholesale Fruit Vegetable Supply and Packaging


We supply fruits and vegetables according to their targeted preferences, operating in many areas such as Chain Markets, retailers, markets and wholesalers, Exporters, and Restaurants.

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- Fruit and Vegetable Supply for Industrial Organizations


If it is the desired quality and quantity of ingredients for drying, pickles, pickles, frozen fruits, vegetables and fruits, peeling, factory tweezing, etc. We supply fruits and vegetables by processing fascinating.

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- International Fruit and Vegetable Supply and Packaging

We supply from our quality farmers for a sector abroad, we deliver all necessary quality and health tests and shipments from the cold chain according to packaging preferences.

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- Contract Production Management

We carry out contracted production with our contracted farmers according to the requested products and desired times.

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- Digital Agricultural Production Monitoring and Consulting


Together with our business partners, we monitor the cultivated agricultural areas with video and vehicle aerial vehicles, and we follow the product developments for our farmers and contract production. With the improvement developed, the cultivation is not resolved with the picture obtained, and we increase the achievement of agriculture with two goals.

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- Agricultural Software and ERP Consulting


They will do business for farmers, those in the industry, all players, can be offered for wholesale and will serve with us for our projects with ERP project implementation.

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